Shine Like the Sun

When we are authentic, we shine like the sun. We stand in our truth and there is no escaping it. Go to the very centre of your being. Get to know your true self. Then let it radiate. It will bring life and Love to this planet just as surely as does the sun.

We Only Ever Speak to Ourselves

Our words are just the wrapping that carries our energy to others. What comes out of our mouths is as much for our own attention as it is for anyone else’s. Listen to your words and feel the energy that they carry. If you don’t like the words or the energy, look inside to the source that creates them.

The Road Ahead

Our external journeys begin the moment we leave home. Our internal journeys begin the moment we return home – to our heart centre. When we shift our awareness to our heart centre, a whole new world unfolds. This is a world where we see and understand our spiritual nature and our mystical powers. This is when the real journey begins.

Where is Home?

Home is where our heart and mind speak with one voice. It is where there is no stress, no tension. It is where every moment is perfect and we flow through the universe as it flows through us. This is where we belong.

We Experience What We Believe

In each moment we re-create the world in which we live. Our perception of the world is not objective. It is governed by our beliefs, which we choose and have complete control over. Choose your beliefs carefully for they determine what you perceive is happening in this and every moment.

The Well Within

Take a moment each day to revisit the well that is within each of us. That deep, still well of infinite Love. It is there for each of us to draw from. It is replenished by the cosmos. The well of Love sustains spirit just as water sustains life.

Protect Yourself

Just as we leave our impressions in the universe wherever we go, we too are influenced by what surrounds us. Be selective in what you allow to come into your presence and your awareness. The impressions can take time to dissipate and that is time that your attention will not be where you want it to be. Protect yourself so that you can achieve what you wish.