Living Inside Out

It’s curious how we are so driven by outside influences. All the more so when we notice that we are often inspired by people who are less influenced by their surroundings and more centred in their inner direction. Look inside. Find the direction. Make it your life.

The Power of Presence

The present is our portal to every time and place. The more fully we focus our energy on the present (here and now), the greater access we have to experience all of time and space. Our connection to everything is found within ourselves.


Just a soft vibration, almost a hum
Formless, almost undetectable
Pervasive, inseparable from the space in which it exists
Inside at first, then everywhere

Focus on Love

Our awareness usually follows the mind, flitting here and there and achieving little. Bring your awareness to your heart centre. Experience the Love that is there. Make this your focal point.

How Are You?

It’s so easy to follow our thoughts. Off they go in a whirlwind, leaves flying in every direction. Let it be. This is mind’s nature.

Following our feelings is different. What is that vibration beneath the thoughts, seemingly untouched by them? It has a constancy. It comes from one place and yet it fills every space. Mind doesn’t even notice, when it jumps in to answer the question, “How are you?” How would mind know? It’s too busy even to notice.

Dive beneath the thoughts. Find the feeling that is everywhere. Experience it as a tone that is being sounded by every cell in your body. This is ‘how you are’.

Our Own Fossils

Why do we revisit and ruminate over events of the distant past? Rather like fossils, those events happened and no amount of analysis or re-experiencing will change them. The next time you find your mind examining an unpleasant fossil from your life, try to find a way to pour some love into it. This will smooth out the impression and reduce its impact. We are not trying to change the past, but we can definitely change the present and the future.

Light Your Path

Heart is like a beacon. It radiates outward and shows the way home. “Here I am.” it signals. “This is the way home.” But the beacon needs a source of power. This comes when we shift our attention to the heart, when we connect with it. Then the glow is unmistakeable and our path home is always well lit.