Book – After the Rain

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After the Rain is when we remember who we are, where we come from, why we are here and which way is home. It is the time when we begin to live with intention and discover our power to create a life full of peace, love and happiness – a life of spiritual fulfilment.

This book (116 pages) presents three keys to fulfilment and a series of exercises to establish and maintain a strong connection with spirit.

Acceptance is the first step. It is the mother of forgiveness and compassion. The practice of acceptance brings peace.

Gratitude is the most noble of all qualities. It is the mother of humility and grace. The practice of gratitude brings joy and bliss.

Intention is more powerful than thought or action. Our intentions set the stage for our own lives and collectively determine the future of the planet. With the practice of intention comes the power to create a better future.

Feedback from readers

This is the most fabulous book that I’ve read on spirituality. It takes what’s in my heart and puts it into words. J. Cott

After the Rain is an absolute treasure. Having read it several years ago, I found it even more impactful the second time around. Read it slowly, savour it, put it into practice and discover its many embedded jewels. G. Madden

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for sharing yourself through your book. I have no doubt it has helped your readers to become more whole–myself to be included in this group. S. Vaughan

I have re-read your book and had to tell you before you leave on your trip that I am impressed! I find many examples of personal thoughts I have tried to convey to others in the past. I find the book very, very fascinating and would like to order more for friends and grandchildren. Dr. A. Arai

Stuart with artist David McEown and the original painting used for the book cover.
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