Creative Process

Here’s a glimpse into this morning’s process…

What comes to me while sitting…

The Journey
From Ajna to throat to heart.
Feel the crown awaken.
The spine activates.
Breath energizes.
And then…
The space becomes real,
Interrupted by the physical presences.
Mind cries out and wants in…
“Apple pie with cheddar?
Or apple pie with ice cream?”
Not now.
The dream state opens up.
Not now.
Ah! Finally, the destination.
And what is here?
Nothing. Just a feeling.
What is that?
Love. Again.
This is what is at the centre of my being.
I came looking for answers
But this place is untouched by the crises that fill the mind.
Go inside and find the answers?
Yes, but the answer is always the same.
Underneath it all, there is love.
Nothing else matters.
One answer, no matter the question.

Then it comes together as…

That Place
That place where space is more meaningful than its physical interruptions.
That place where there is only one answer, no matter the question.
That place where the universe whispers to us, constantly.
That place where there are no masks, no clothes, and no bodies to put them on.
That place where we exist as eddies in a sea of cosmic consciousness.
That place.