The Universe is Bigger Than We Are

The universe is unfolding exactly as it should. The sun will rise tomorrow whether or not we notice it. Most of us could never understand or even believe how the physical universe works, never mind the spiritual universe. There is a lot about life that we cannot understand or explain. And there are aspects of life that we need to accept in order to move on. Accept life. Appreciate it. Celebrate it.

Who’s Whispering?

There it is again! It’s something at the very centre of our being. It’s a nudge that we can ignore for a while but that we cant stop. It’s the tiny chirp of a bird we can’t silence. Sooner or later we have to face it. That is when we are reminded that life is precious and that each one of us is special. Take a moment to listen to that whisper. Let it become your clarion call.

Look Inside

We all have inner vision. If you are seeking clarity or understanding about something, go inside. Use your inner vision to experience the understanding you seek. Be careful to distinguish between the seer within and your mind’s games. This comes with practice. Our inner vision is profound. It can shed light on any situation if we are sincere in seeking understanding.

Power Play

Power is the ability to bring about change. We each have more power than we can imagine. That power is multiplied many-fold when we come together with a common intention. Use your power alone and in groups to attract the greatest good that can come from your intentions. Complement intentions with actions and the changes will manifest.

Choose Love, Choose Happiness

Our lives are governed by our choices. We choose where we put our attention. We choose how we perceive our surroundings. And we choose how we feel about life. When we choose to experience love and happiness, we choose to be everything that we can be.

Living Inside Out

It’s curious how we are so driven by outside influences. All the more so when we notice that we are often inspired by people who are less influenced by their surroundings and more centred in their inner direction. Look inside. Find the direction. Make it your life.

The Power of Presence

The present is our portal to every time and place. The more fully we focus our energy on the present (here and now), the greater access we have to experience all of time and space. Our connection to everything is found within ourselves.