We Experience What We Believe

In each moment we re-create the world in which we live. Our perception of the world is not objective. It is governed by our beliefs, which we choose and have complete control over. Choose your beliefs carefully for they determine what you perceive is happening in this and every moment.

The Well Within

Take a moment each day to revisit the well that is within each of us. That deep, still well of infinite Love. It is there for each of us to draw from. It is replenished by the cosmos. The well of Love sustains spirit just as water sustains life.

Protect Yourself

Just as we leave our impressions in the universe wherever we go, we too are influenced by what surrounds us. Be selective in what you allow to come into your presence and your awareness. The impressions can take time to dissipate and that is time that your attention will not be where you want it to be. Protect yourself so that you can achieve what you wish.

Be Like a Moth

The cure for darkness is light. When you find yourself in darkness, or surrounded by darkness, remember that the smallest candle is an antidote to the deepest darkness. Always move your thoughts toward the light. Consciously shift your awareness to the light and your experience of darkness will immediately fade.

The Future

We are writing the world’s future. One of peace, love and harmony. Or otherwise. What we project decides the course.

Can We Not Fly?
A seed now
A tree later
Buried in the earth
Then touching the sky
What will you bring to the world?
Will you help us to fly?

The Joy in our Hearts is Infinite

Each of our hearts holds enough joy to fill this universe. To connect with this energy we need only find the key that unlocks the door to our spiritual centre. The key is found in the moment that we accept ourselves as spiritual beings and allow ourselves to experience all that we can be. In that moment a new universe opens to us – a universe that only knows bliss.

Spiritual Adventure

When we decide to experience the fullness of our being, we embark on an adventure into our nature as spiritual beings. As the journey unfolds we see awareness, acceptance and gratitude take the place of analysis, judgement and indifference. A whole new world unfolds. It is a world of infinite potential in which we paint with our intentions on a canvas of pure Love.