Sow the Seeds of Unconditional Love

Few things in life are as important as this. We are here to connect with others and to share the experience of Love. Whatever we do to contribute to this is our gift to the universe. Do whatever you can to sow the seeds of Love. Let the universe nurture them. A time will come when they will yield fruit and we will all be better for your kindness.

Your Heart Knows Who You Are

In our hearts we always know who we are. In our minds we become many things. We do what we want and then we rationalize. Balancing heart and mind allows us to see past the rhetoric and logic. Shifting attention to our hearts centres us and gives us a reference point for everything else. Our heart centre is home; it is where we are always just who we are.

The Present is Only Once

Don’t give away your present. We only live in the present and yet we often choose to shift our awareness to events from the past or dreams for the future. The more fully we bring our awareness to the present, the more fully we are alive.

We Are All Students

Life is a learning experience. We think we are learning about others and about the world around us when really, we are just learning about ourselves. Study the way you respond to life’s challenges and you will gain insights into yourself and what matters to you.

Express Your Gratitude

Take a moment each day for a gesture of your gratitude. A kiss for your loved one. A kind word for someone who needs it. A word of encouragement here. A sincere compliment there. A brief email. A thoughtful voice mail message to surprise the recipient when he/she returns from work or a trip. A smile to a stranger. A hesitation in traffic, to let someone in. A heart-warming thought for yourself. It’s nothing, and yet it’s everything – it changes the world in which we live.