Let Yourself Experience

Give yourself permission to experience all that you can be. It is essential to let go of the mind and preconceived notions. Just let go and begin to experience all the subtle aspects of your being. The Love, the light, the peace. These are all yours to experience, when you choose to let yourself be.

The Here and Now

The here is the heart. The now is the present. To be in the here and now is to be in the heart and the present. This is how we come from a place of Love always. Be in the heart. Be in the present.

The Present is Perfect

The continuous wave of presents that we experience has no resistance. Every moment flows effortlessly from the previous to the next, just as these words do. When our attention is in the present, our life flows effortlessly from moment to moment. There is no stress or disruption. There are no challenges. There is just the moment.

Open the Door

We can only learn what we are open to understanding. Openness is a prerequisite to expanded awareness. We open a channel of communication through which we become aware of much that eludes the mind. This insight supplements intellect. Together, they bring wisdom.


Wait for it
Become one with it
Let it flow up your spine
Let it glow like the sun
The softness that stays
The glow that remains
Express them
And when they fade